Liburnicon has long been known for its magical summer atmosphere where a varied group of cosplayers of all ages and in all genres proudly present their efforts to the audience at the open air stage. Once again this year we expect a great response from domestic and international cosplayers who will shine in front of hundreds of fans in the lights of Liburnicon. If you wish to join in one of the greatest attractions of our festival, we bring you the cosplay competition rules:

This year contestant’s applications can be submitted EXCLUSIVELY OVER THE INTERNET, so if you get the feeling “eh, I could compete too” at the festival itself, sadly it won’t be possible anymore… (except if you’re an Elf, or costumed in the festival’s theme, more on that later.)

Also, we are introducing PREJUDGING so that both jury and competitors have a better judging experience and the main event taking place saturday evening can put more focus on the cosplayers. So, the purpose of prejudging is to give more emphasis to the cosplayers during the on-stage presentations and performances, while the internet applications are introduced to facilitate prejudging.

Photo by: Filip Gržinčić


Prejudging will be carried out saturday before the main competition by the jury. It can include questions about the making of the costumes and closer examination of parts of the costumes in order to establish the quality of the costumes. It is open to the audience and is a mandatory part of the cosplay competition! It begins saturday afternoon and lasts up to 5 minutes per contestant or group.

Contestants will be called to prejudging in order of appearance which will be published by friday evening on the Liburnicon web site, the official Facebook page and the notice board at the festival. If a contestant doesn’t appear before prejudging ends, they will be disqualified.


Anyone can apply to the competition, but if a contestant has already won prizes with the costume in question, priority will be given to other contestants. Store-bought costumes can compete in the “Audience award” and “Best performance” categories.

The minimum age for competing in the cosplay competition is 14 years old.

Competing is not allowed for: previous year’s competition winner (Best overall impression) and current year’s competition organizers and jury.

Online applications will close on Thursday, August 16th, 2018. at 23:59.

Photo by: Filip Gržinčić


You can win prizes in the following 5 categories in this year’s cosplay competition: Best overall impression, Best costume, Best performance, Best group, Audience award. It is not necessary to announce which category you’re competing in – the jury will grant the award to the competitors which best satisfies the criteria for a given category. It is not possible to win more than one category, except for the Audience award if audience votes coincide with the jury’s choice for one of the other awards.

Photo by: Filip Gržinčić

Best overall impression category. In the Best overall impression category  only the best of the best take the victory. The winning criteria are a well-made costume and a good performance which use the same criteria for the Best costume and Best performance categories. The winner of this category can join the jury for Liburnicon 2019.

Best costume category. In the best costume category the quality of all elements of the costume is appraised, including stitching, crafting, special effects, prop making, bodypaint and others. Among important criteria are adapting the costume to your body proportions, detailing, modifying bought props to the costume and others. In this category home-made and independent costume and prop making is especially valued, and no store-bought costumes will be accepted.

Best performance category. In this category stage performances which can be in Croatian or English (other languages are allowed, but we can’t guarantee you’ll be understood 🙂 ) are appraised. If you need audio support, send the required mp3 file with the application. The performance must last at least 30 seconds. Contestant’s immersion into the character and originality is evaluated. Let your imagination run free and try to entertain the audience and jury: you can be funny, serious, tell a story, sing or dance. This category accepts both home-made and store-bought costumes, because an attractive performance is the most important criteria.

Performance duration is limited to 3 minutes.

Best group category. In this category the best group wins – the jury will choose one of the groups according to costume quality or performance. Winning criteria are the same as in the Best costume or Best performance categories. Groups are made of 2-4 cosplayers which have applied together and is judged as a whole – group members can help each other in costume making and must perform together if they have a performance.

Audience award category. The costume that gets the most stickers from the audience during the festival gets the Audience award, same as every year. The booklet for the stickers can be picked up from the marked box at the entrance to the cosplay wardrobe. The booklets must be returned ther by 21:30 saturday evening, so the jury can count the votes.

Photo by: Filip Gržinčić

At the end, no more and no less than another novelty – Mystery cosplay! We won’t reveal too much considering everything is “clear” from the name, we’ll only say that this cosplay category DOESN’T HAVE applications, it counts for three-day accreditation discount and it’s preferable that you’re at the festival on saturday too. Mystery cosplay is connected to this year’s theme – Elves, and know… every step you take we’ll be watching you.

For all questions and suggestions contact our cosplay competition host, Maja, via e-mail:

See you at Liburnicon!