Frequently asked questions

Where & when can I buy tickets?

You can purchase the tickets at the Info desk on the day of the festival. Please find further information on registration here.

Where can I stay during the festival?

In the middle of August Opatija is buzzing with tourists, so it is not easy to find available accommodation. For those desiring comfortable lodging, we recommend trying out one of Opatija’s hotels (we will take the liberty to put in the word for Amadria Park hotels, our sponsor for several years now) or private accommodation including numerous holiday houses, apartments, studio apartments and rooms.

For everybody else we have prepared a certain amount of sleeping places in our Dormitorium. Should you want to reserve your place there, please contact us via The booking is open up till 15th of August.

How do I get to Liburnicon?

Kako do nas1BY CAR

If you are coming by car, we belive you will be able to find your way to Opatija. If you will be leaving the highway on Opatija/Matulji turn, in 300 meters you will turn right and coming on the roundabout you will take the first exit, leading to the center of Opatija. You won’t need to reach the center though since you will arrive at your destination in only 2 km, still holding to the same road. For the more detailed directions check our Google map location.

The Elementary school ‘Rikard Katalinić Jeretov’ is located across the street from Spar supermarket (ex Billa). If you come early enough, you will find free parking on the school playground. If all the places have already been taken, it is possible to park your car in the nearby garage belonging to the Sport center Marino Cvetković (6 kn/hour).



If you are coming by bus or train from Zagreb, Split, Trieste or other cities, choose Rijeka as your destination. Sometimes you will be even able to reach Matulji train station before leaving the railroad option. If you are coming by bus, we recommend consulting the Arriva company timetable (trying out both Rijeka and Opatija as final destinations and choosing the one more convenient), and if you prefer traveling by train you might want to take a look at the timetable on Hrvatske zeljeznice website.

Upon your arrival to Rijeka, you have to take local bus number 32 for Opatija (sometimes carrying the sign reading Lovran or Mošćenička Draga). These buses belong to the company Autotrolej, on whose website you will be able to find timetable (number 32 from Rijeka and number 34 from Matulji). We recommend buying return tickets in one of numerous tobacco shops rather than one way tickets sold on spot by the drivers. Your bus stop is called Sport center Marino Cvetković, from where you will take the steps up to the school where the festival is held. Soon you will see the cosplayers strolling around and hear the sounds of concerts, and you will know you have arrived.



If you have decided for the fastest way of transport, please use the coordinates 45.343939 of the north geographical latitude and 14.312741 east geographical longitude. Be sure to glance once more at your travelling details (teleport, Apparition) or check with the Transporter Chief whether the atmosphere is clear for beaming you down. Unfortunately, the amount of organisation chores prevented us from placing the portkeys, as well as setting things up for the less conventional methods (wind walkshadow walk…) We are certain to amend this omission the next year 😉

Where can I park my car?

If you come early enough, you will find free parking on the school playground. If all the places have already been taken, it is possible to park your car in the nearby garage belonging to the Sports hall Marino Cvetković (6 kn/hour).

Code of Conduct and rules of the festival

The visitors are forbidden from bringing and consuming elsewhere-acquired drinks in the interior spaces of the festival. Those who consume their own drinks inside will be asked to hand them over or to go outside. In case the outside space is overly crowded, the visitors who purchased the drinks at the festival have the advantage of using the tables.

Alcoholic drinks are not permitted for the visitors younger than 18. The festival policy does not tolerate the use of illegal drugs and narcotics nor the use of violence on the ground of the festival.

We kindly ask all visitors to wear their in a visible place to help the security check and thus prevent forming of the queue at the entrance. Each visitor found inside the festival building without a valid convention badge will be asked to leave or buy the ticket at the Info desk.

The visitors who disturb the public order and peace or commit criminal offences against other people or property will be deprived of their badge and escorted from the grounds of the festival by our security or held until arrival of the police. Each visitor is required to take care of their own belongings. In the case of theft, the association “Kulturni front” cannot be held responsible.

We invite all visitors to follow the instructions of the members of the organization and the security staff. The visitors are forbidden from taking away the inventory of the festival from the festival grounds. Pets are not allowed inside except for guide dogs for the blind.