Czech games edition

Gaming GOH

1) Presentation of CGE

Czech Games Edition, a tabletop games design studio founded in 2007, brings together many tabletop games enthusiasts who have chosen to dedicate their careers to develop, design and promote those games. The studio that started with successes such as Galaxy Trucker and League of Six continues with games such as Codenames, Alchemists, Dungeon Lords, Dungeon Petz, Goblins and Adrenaline, and have recently started publishing books and expanding into the digital world with Galaxy Trucker. Come to this interesting presentation, find out what new games we can look forward to in the years ahead of us, how to work in a game-building company, and ask Petar Caslavi, Filip Neduka and Sandra Blasich questions.


2) Demonstration of game Adrenaline (CRO)

Adrenaline, the famous game by designer Filipa Neduka, released by CGE in 2016, recreates the atmosphere of computer FPS games (like Call of Duty, Doom or Halo series), but in the form of a tabletop game. Three to five players will spend about an hour in an energetic war dance on board by gathering resources (weapons, ammo, and other things) by taking control points and spaces that offer better shelter and shooting other players with everything they find fit. The demonstration will be conducted by Filip Neduk, the author of the game who will briefly explain to the interested parties how the game was created and developed, what was the inspiration behind it and main strategies and approaches to the game.


3) From an Idea to a Game – Development of tabletop games (EN)

Have you always been interested in what a good tabletop game looks like and what features should it have? Is it more difficult to find someone who will publish a new game (or how to do it yourself), or how to attract new players and break into the market? Throughout what new designers have to go through, and how much the original idea changes before it’s finally revealed? These and many other questions will be answered by Petr Caslava, the marketing guru and game scout coming from Prague, and Filip Neduk, the designer of the famous tabletop games Goblins and Andrenaline, both from CGE. After the lectures, the participants who have the ideas they want to work on or are ready to present their projects, will have the opportunity to share them with our Czech guests, consult game designs and see if CGE may be interested in issuing and publishing something they have designed.


4) CGE at tabletop games room

Our this year’s tabletop games room will be enriched with new (and old) CGE titles, which CGE team members will present and those game will be moderated. Join Sandro Blasich and others from the CGE team and try out games that you have not played yet.