Friday band

    NOREIA: “Irish music with an accent!”

    Noreia is a four member group of experienced young musicians from Slovenia, that play traditional Irish, Scottish and Breton tunes – not always the traditional way! Recently the band started merging the “celtic” traditions with their own heritage – slovenian folk music – which makes the sound even more unique and exciting!

    In last 3 years Noreia had played more than 200 concerts. Besides playing in pubs, the group is recently also conquiering festival stages. They have toured Ireland, Croatia, Italy, Czech republic, Netherlands and Germany. In 2017 they have played the Ortigueira festival in Spain, one of the biggest festivals of celtic music in the world. In January 2017, the band released their second album Moments To Treasure, which contains traditional tunes and songs in their own arrangements, and also 2 of their own compositions!

    Ana Novak – violin, vocal

    Anej Ivanuša: wooden flute, whistles, vocal

    Gašper Šinkovec: guitar, accordion, vocal

    Robert Bone: clarinet, whistles, piano