Why volunteer at Liburnicon?

There are many reasons, but to keep it short, we’ll point out meeting new people and making new acquaintances, engaging in teamwork and having fun, developing working habits and new organisational and communication skills, attending parts of the programme and participating in realisation of the Liburnicon as the strategic summer project intended for domestic and foreign visitors, that wouldn’t be able to take place without the help of volunteers.


How to apply for volunteering?

Anyone can apply for volunteering at Liburnicon via Google form below. The only prerequisite is to be at least 15 years old. In case you are underage, you have to provide us with a written consent signed by your parents, a form which you will receive through e-mail.


What we expect from our volunteers?

We need the help of the volunteers from August 13th till 20th.The volunteers will be working with various teams – logistics, production, administration – as well as with our guests and visitors. We expect that, during multiple days, each volunteer meets the quota of at least 12 working hours and that they follow the instructions of the staff team. We aspire to build a positive working environment.


What do we offer to our volunteers?

Volunteers get the convention badge that allows them to participate in the programme, meals, non-alcoholic drinks and volunteer hours. All volunteers also have the eternal gratitude of the staff team and, if they proved themselves reliable and eager associates, they can always contact us for a professional recommendation. Our volunteers are by the end of the festival usually given some of the promotional materials.

If you have questions on this subject, do not hesitate to contact us through liburnicon@gmail.com.